backgammon oardBackgammon is one of many strategic games that is available online nowadays, where it can be played against other players for real money or simply for fun. In many ways, internet backgammon is similar to internet poker since it is a skill-based game that you can play against other humans from around the world. Also, the standard online backgammon games are today accompanied by backgammon tournaments on the internet.

On our site, you can find reviews for a selection of gambling sites and networks where you have the option to play backgammon for real money; either in standard format or in tournament format or both. When we selected which sites and networks to review, we are focusing on the following aspects:

  • Bonuses and other benefits
    Are there any bonuses or other benefits available for backgammon players, and if so, how generous are they? Is there any first deposit bonus or other type of welcome bonus?
  • Rake
    Rake is a fee that the gambling site takes from the pot in games where you aren’t betting against the house, e.g. backgammon and poker. How the rake is calculated and limited can have a large impact on your bankroll, so pick gambling rooms with care.
  • Traffic
    Are the backgammon tables filled with players, or will you have to wait to find anyone to play with? The more traffic, the easier it will be for you to find someone to play with. Also, a lot of traffic means that you can be more selective when you pick opponents and bet level.
  • Software
    Is the software working well, or is it slow, bug-ridden and crash prone? Playing backgammon on a site using crappy software can be really tedious. Also, you want the software to provide you with convenient services, e.g. the ability to play backgammon on several tables simultaneously.
  • Tournaments
    Are there any backgammon tournaments available on this site? Backgammon tournaments can be great fun, and it is also a way for the skilled backgammon player to leverage a small deposit into a large bankroll.
  • Security
    Only play backgammon for real money on sites with great security. The high security should including anything from hacker-resilient software and safe methods for depositing and withdrawing money from your account to privacy policies and anti-collusion protocols.
  • Support
    Support should not only be polite and effective, but also available when you need it and through a medium that you are comfortable with, e.g. phone, email or live chat. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to make an expensive foreign phone call to get customer support. Free phone # and call-up service will protect you from a big phone bill.

We try to review as many backgammon sites as possible but sometimes we miss one.  If you are looking for a review or a piece of backgammon information that you can not find on this website we recommend that you visit one of the following websites, or All of these websites offer great backgammon and gambling information.  They all played an important role in building this website and I visit them everytime i write a new article to make sure i get all the facts right.

backgammon rulesBackgammon tips

  • If you don’t possess good theoretical and practical knowledge of the game, start by playing backgammon for free play-money online. You can also participate in free rolls (backgammon tournaments without any buy-in).This way, you can learn the basics without losing any real money. Just remember that people will act differently when they play with play-money or in free rolls instead of wagering their own hard-earned cash. By playing with play-money you can learn the basics of the game, but you will most likely need to adjust your strategy when you proceed to playing with real money.
  • To kick-start your backgammon knowledge, go to our articles about Basic Backgammon Rules and Advanced Backgammon Rules. You probably also want to familiarize yourself with Backgammon Analytical Software.
  • Picking backgammon sites with bonuses and promotions that are suitable for you can have a major positive influence on your bankroll. Always check if available bonuses and other promotions are generous for a person on your bet level. If you play backgammon for a couple of hours a week on low-stake tables, you have no use for offers that only start getting good once you have wagered $10,000 in a month.
  • Stick to proper bankroll management. You need to be able to weather out non-winning periods. A common beginner mistake is to advance to more expensive bet levels and tournament buy-ins too quickly.