Jadestone Backgammon Network

Jadestone Backgammon Network is a new version of the old DiceArena, and is one of the largest backgammon networks online in terms of European traffic. It offers a large assortment of both cash game backgammon and tournament backgammon, including tournaments with a guarantee for the prize pot so anyone who buy in to the tournament can know for sure that there will be plenty of money in the pot even if few players enter the tournament. There are even qualifier tournaments available where you can win your entrance to live backgammon events, such as the Betfair-sponsored European Backgammon Tour.

jadestoneMany of the sites where you can access the Jadestone backgammon network are sites for backgammon only, but gambling sites that also offers sports betting, casino games, poker rooms, etc. This causes an influx of unskilled backgammon players, e.g. players who just won some money playing blackjack in the casino and wish to try their luck with backgammon.

If you are one of those novice players, we suggest you take a look at the anonymous tables offered by Jadestone. At these tables, your opponent will not see your alias until the game starts. This makes it more difficult for advanced players to deliberately seek out weak placers and follow them around at the site.

Examples of sites included in the Jadestone Backgammon Network

Two examples of well-known gambling sites that will give you access to the Jadestone backgammon network are Betfair and Paf.


How much rake that is taken from the pot in the Jadestone backgammon network depends on the wager size of each player.

Stakes Rake
Each player stakes from €0.40 to €2 10% rake
Each player stakes from €2.01 to €30 7.5 % rake
Each player stakes from €30.01 to €100 6.8 % rake
Each player stakes from €100.01 to €250 6.5 % rake
Each player stakes from €250.01 to €500 6% rake
Each player stakes from €500.01 to €1000 5.5% rake

Example: You and your opponent stake €4 each, so that €8 is in the pot. The rake will be 7.5% of €8, which is €0,60. The winner will get €7,40.

Pros & Cons of the Jadestone backgammon network


  • Plenty of traffic
  • Plenty of weak players
  • Large and varied tournament offering, including GTD-tournaments and qualifiers to live events
  • Play directly in your web browser
  • Moderate, non-rating based rake
  • Anonymous rooms where you can see the aliases of your opponent until the game starts
  • Available in several languages
  • Adjustable playing format


  • Rating system
  • No downloadable client