Digibet is a comparatively small gambling site within the Greentube network.


digibetDigibet has quite a lot of traffic since it is connected to the Greentube network.

Digibet is known for having a lot of novice players and players that doesn’t seem to really care much about the game. Players leaving a game before it is over is not uncommon.

A majority of the backgammon players who are members at Digibet are from Germany or Switzerland.

Backgammon games

  • Money Game (Single Game)You can set the stake per point and a money-limit for the game.
  • Match GameYou win a match game by reaching the target point-score first. Chose between 3 point match games, 5 point match games and 9 point match games. The Crawford rule always apply.
  • Quick GameA money game where you need to make your move within 30 seconds. After each complete move, 10 seconds are added.

Digibet can not be recommended for players looking for a good assortment of backgammon tournaments.


How much rake that is taken from the pot depends on the wager size of each player.

Stakes Rake
Each player stakes from €0.01 to €0.70 15%
Each player stakes from €0.71 to €2 12.5%
Each player stakes from €2.01 to €5 10%
Each player stakes from €5.01 to €15 7.5%
Each player stakes from €15.01 to €40 5.5%
Each player stakes from €40.01 to €200 4%

Example: You and your opponent stake €4 each, so that €8 is in the pot. The rake will be 10% of €8, which is €0,80. The winner will get €7,20.


Digibet uses the Greentube backgammon software.

If a player leaves the table before the game is over, a bot will take over and play the remaining part of the game. The bots at Digibet tend to mimic the behavior of a an unskilled player. Having a human leave the table and be replaced by a bot that is actually better at playing is almost unheard of.


There is a rating system where you can see the winning and losing games of other players.

Money transfers

Examples of accepted transfer methods: VISA, MasterCard, Bank transfer, Ukash, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), Paysafecard

Digibet are renowned for their rapid handling of withdrawal requests.


Email support only, no phone support och live chat.