ladbrokes logoLadbrokes is a well known name in the gambling industry and has been offering sports betting in the United Kingdom long before the advent of internet gambling. Today, Ladbrokes is active both online and offline and has customers in a long row of different countries.

As can be expected from Ladbrokes, their backgammon offering ticks all the boxes for professionalism, high-quality software and efficient support. Unfortunately, their traffic is lacking, which is probably in part due to their poor tournament offering. Plenty of highly promoted free rolls and backgammon tournaments with really low buy-ins would be a great way to convert Ladbrokes’ poker players, casino players, sports bettors, etc into backgammon aficionados. After all, when you are a beginner it feels safer to enter a tournament (where you know beforehand that it is impossible to lose more than your tournament buy-in) than sitting down at a cash game table.


Compared to most other sites where you can play backgammon, Ladbrokes takes a very low rake.

Total winnings from a cash game or match game Rake
Less than $50 2.5%
$50 – $99 2%
$100 – $199 1.5%
$200 or more 1.25%

N.B! For every point of a match game, an extra 0.125% rake will be taken, up to a maximum of 11 match points.


There is no special welcome bonus for backgammon players. Also, the promotions for backgammon are few and far in between. In general, you get the impression that Ladbrokes doesn’t really care much about this section of their site when it comes to recruiting new players or retaining the existing ones. They do offer a an attractively low rake, but will probably need to do more than this to really ignite the interest in their backgammon room among gamblers who aren’t already avid backgammon players.


ladbrokesThe backgammon software is dependable and easy to use. You can only play directly in your browser, there is not downloadable gambling client for Ladbrokes backgammon.

Players can agree to use disconnect protection when playing. If a game is created using disconnect protection, and a player then is disconnected and does not return before the allotted time is up, Ladbrokes will settle the game and split the stakes among the players according to the board equity at the time of disconnection. Why the player is disconnected does not matter; it could be an internet connection failure, a browser or computer freeze, a local power outage that turns of the computer, a prolonged bathroom break, etc.

Backgammon games offered by Ladbrokes

Cash Game

This is a traditional cash game. Players are free to agree upon stake per point, maximum stake, turn time, beaver, jacoby, doubling cube, privacy and disconnect protection.

Match Play

In match play, the player who first reaches the target point-score wins. Players are free to agree upon stake, match limit, turn time, beaver, crawford, doubling cube, privacy and disconnect protection.

Among the Ladbrokes players, match play is less popular than cash game.


Ladbrokes is not a part of any large backgammon network and the traffic is quite limited. A lot of the players come from other ports of Ladbrokes, e.g. sports betting or casino.

Money transfers

Exampels of money transfer methods that can be used here are VISA, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), ClickandBuy, PaysafeCard, and Western Union.


Ladbrokes backgammon customer support can be reached by email and telephone. If you have a general questions, Ladbrokes general customer support may be able to help you (email, phone or live chat).