paf logoPaf (Åländska PenningAutomatFöreningen) is a well-established organization based on the island of Åland in the Baltic Sea. The have a long history of providing slot machines and other gambling opportunities onboard the cruise ships that traverses the Baltic Sea, and nowadays they are also running a large gambling site and an offline casino. (The offline casino is in Mariehamn, the main city of Åland.)

Paf Backgammon is a part of the Jadestone Backgammon network, that you can read more about on our page about Jadestone.


Paf has both a lower and an upper limit for the backgammon rake. The lower limit is €0,10 (minimum rake) and the upper limit is €30 (maximum rake).

How much rake that is taken from the pot depends on the wager size of each player.

Stakes Rake
Each player stakes from €0.40 to €2 10% rake
Each player stakes from €2.01 to €30 7.5 % rake
Each player stakes from €30.01 to €100 6.8 % rake
Each player stakes from €100.01 to €250 6.5 % rake
Each player stakes from €250.01 to €500 6% rake
Each player stakes more than €500 5.5% rake (but not more than €30)

Example: You and your opponent stake €4 each, so that €8 is in the pot. The rake will be 7.5% of €8, which is €0,60. The winner will get €7,40.


pafSince Paf Backgammon is a part of the Jadestone network, traffic is not limited to Paf-members only but consists of players from several other sites, including the famous sports betting site Betfair. Many players in the Jadestone network are not used to playing backgammon; they just happen to get curious about backgammon while they are logged in to do something else, e.g. play casino games or bet on football.

Backgammon games

  • Single games
  • Match games
  • Quick Play
  • Tournament Play

Quick Play is a type of backgammon game where your player alias and rating is hidden until the game starts. This makes it harder for skilled players to actively seek out opponents that they know to be weak players. Also, Quick Play is a popular alternative among high-ranking players that find it difficult to get anyone to play against them when they aren’t hiding their high rank.

Backgammon tournaments

PAF has a nice selection of backgammon tournaments, and since the tournaments are offered jointly by all sites within the Jadestone backgammon network there are usually quite a lot of players in them.

The tournament assortment includes several different types of tournaments, including free rolls and tournaments with a low buy-in. Some of the tournaments have a pretty big guaranteed prize pot. There is for instance The Big One €1000 GTD which is played every Saturday evening (starts 19:00 GMT). The buy-in is €27.50 and there is never less than €1 000 in the prize pot. This is a knock-out tournament.


The software will give you a high degree of flexibility. Also, you can save your preferred game settings.

Rating system

Your rating (rank) is displayed in the lower right corner of the backgammon lobby. You can also see how high other players are rated.

Money transfers

Examples of transfer methods that are accepted by Paf are VISA, MasterCard, Bank transfer, PaySafeCard, Neteller and Skrill (Moneybookers).


High-quality support is available via email och phone. Emails are usually answered within 4 hours.