Skill7 is a part of the Greentube backgammon network. Just like Stargames, this site is owned directly by Greentube rather than being an independent site within the network.

Sign-up bonus

The sign up bonus is not as good as the one offered by Stargames. (You are allowed to sign up and accept a welcome bonus from Skill7 even though you have already accepted a welcome bonus from Stargames and vice versa.)

skillz7At Skill7, you get 50% bonus up to €50 on your first deposit. The bonus money can not be withdrawn, but the winnings from bonus money wagers can.

The Skill7 welcome bonus comes with a play requirement and a wager requirement. You fulfill the watering requirement by wagering the bonus amount once. You fulfill the play requirement by playing one game for each bonus euro. So, if you got a €15 welcome bonus you need to play 15 games to fulfill the play requirement.

If you make any withdrawal before having fulfilled both the play requirement and the wager requirement, your bonus will be removed.

VIP Club

Skill7 has a five-tier VIP Club. All members of Skill7 are also members of the VIP Club, since the lowest level has no wager requirement.

For every €1 raked, you get 100 points. The more points, the higher your level in the VIP Club.

Level Point requirement Withdrawals VIP bonus Extra points awarded
Diamond 180,000points/month 5 per month allowed €100 100% more points
Platinum 55,000 – 179,999 points/month 5 per month allowed €20 100% more points
Gold 15,000 – 54,999 points/month 4 per month allowed €7 50% more points
Silver 5,000 – 14,999 points/month 3 per month allowed €3
Bronze 0 – 4,999points/month 2 per month allowed


Being in the Greentube network, Skill7 has plenty of novice, inattentive and all around weak players at their tables.

Backgammon games

  • Money Game (Single Game)You can set the stake per point and a money-limit for the game.
  • Match GameTo win a match game, you need to be the first to reach the target point-score. Available options are 3 point match games, 5 point match games and 9 point match games. The Crawford rule always apply to match games at Stargames.
  • Quick GameDo you hate having to wait endlessly for your opponent to make a move? Then you might be interested in playing a quick game at Stargames. This is a money game where a player must make his/her move within 30 seconds. 10 seconds are added after every completed move.


Just like most other sites within the Greentube backgammon network, Skill7 does not have a good assortment of tournaments. There are tournaments, but they a few and far in between. The prize pools tend to be low and tournaments with a nice and fat guaranteed prize pool are virtually unheard of.


The rake depends on the wager size of each player.

Stakes Rake
Each player stakes from €0.01 to €0.70 15%
Each player stakes from €0.71 to €2 12.5%
Each player stakes from €2.01 to €5 10%
Each player stakes from €5.01 to €15 7.5%
Each player stakes from €15.01 to €40 5.5%
Each player stakes from €40.01 to €200 4%

Example: You and your opponent stake €4 each, so that €8 is in the pot. The rake will be 10% of €8, which is €0,80. The winner will get €7,20.


The rating of a player is based on number of games won and number of games lost.


Skill7 get their software from Greentube.

If your opponent stops playing without finishing the game first, you get to play the rest of the game against a backgammon bot. Don’t worry, the bots are not skilled backgammon players. You are not playing against some super computer.

Money transfers

Skill7 accepts a wide range of transfer methods, including VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Neteller, Wire transfer, Click2Pay and ClickandBuy.


Phone support and email support is available.