Stargames is a gambling site within the Greentube backgammon network. Just like Skill7, Stargames is owned and managed by the owner of Greentube. If you have played backgammon at Skill7 before, you will probably recognize a lot when you visit Stargames.

Sign-up bonus

You will get 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit, up to a maximum of €100 in bonus money. The bonus comes with a play requirement and a wager requirement.

  • stargamesPlay requirement: If you received a €10 bonus you must play 10 games to fulfill the play requirement, if you received an €11 bonus you must play 11 games, etc. Thus, the largest possible play requirement is 100 games.
  • Wager requirement: If you received a €10 bonus you must wager a total of €10 to fulfill the wager requirement, if you received an €11 bonus you must wager a total of €11 to fulfill the wager requirement, and so on. The largest possible wager requirement is therefore €100.

Bonus money can not be withdrawn, it can only be used for wagers.

If can make a withdrawal of your money without first completing the two requirements, but this will cause you to lose the bonus money.

VIP Club

The Stargames VIP Club consists of five levels. The higher your level, the better the perks. You climb the VIP Club by collecting points. For every €1 raked, you get 100 points.

Level Point requirement Withdrawals VIP bonus Extra points awarded
Diamond 180,000points/month 5 per month allowed €100 100% more points
Platinum 55,000 – 179,999 points/month 5 per month allowed €20 100% more points
Gold 15,000 – 54,999 points/month 4 per month allowed €7 50% more points
Silver 5,000 – 14,999 points/month 3 per month allowed €3
Bronze 0 – 4,999points/month 2 per month allowed


Being in the Greentube network means getting quite a lot of traffic. While playing backgammon at Stargames, you are playing against members of several different gambling sites, including Skill7 and Digibet. There are a lot of unskilled and inattentive players at the tables.

Backgammon games

  • Money Game (Single Game)You can set the stake per point and a money-limit for the game.
  • Match GameTo win a match game, you need to be the first to reach the target point-score. Available options are 3 point match games, 5 point match games and 9 point match games. The Crawford rule always apply to match games at Stargames.
  • Quick GameDo you hate having to wait endlessly for your opponent to make a move? Then you might be interested in playing a quick game at Stargames. This is a money game where a player must make his/her move within 30 seconds. 10 seconds are added after every completed move.


Just like most other sites within the Greentube backgammon network, Stargames does not have a good assortment of tournaments. Tournaments are seen as a marketing ploy rather than an integral part of the sites’ offering. Sometimes you need to wait over three days for the next tournament to come up.


The rake depends on the wager size of each player.

Stakes Rake
Each player stakes from €0.01 to €0.70 15%
Each player stakes from €0.71 to €2 12.5%
Each player stakes from €2.01 to €5 10%
Each player stakes from €5.01 to €15 7.5%
Each player stakes from €15.01 to €40 5.5%
Each player stakes from €40.01 to €200 4%

Example: You and your opponent stake €4 each, so that €8 is in the pot. The rake will be 10% of €8, which is €0,80. The winner will get €7,20.


The rating system will show how many games you have lost and how many games you have won.


Stargames uses the Greentube backgammon software.

If a player leaves the table before the game is over, a bot will take over and play the remaining part of the game. Don’t worry if you get to play against a bot; they are not the Deep Thought of the backgammon world. The bots normally play like an unskilled backgammon player and are not difficult to beat.

Money transfers

Examples of transfer methods accepted by Stargames: VISA, MasterCard, Wire transfer, PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Paydsafecard, Neteller, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Yandex, Webmoney, Moneta

The higher you level in the VIP Club, the more withdrawals are allowed per month. At the lowest level (Bronze), only 2 withdrawals per month is allowed. This then gradually increases up to the Platinum and Diamond levels where 5 withdrawals per month is allowed.


You can reach the support via email and telephone.